Elroy James for Judge
Elroy James for Judge
Elroy James for Judge


Restoring Faith in Justice

Elroy James believes that Judges have one simple job, it’s to earn the trust of their community by restoring faith in justice. Elroy believes the only way to restore that faith is to truly provide equal justice to all people. As Judge, he’ll do just that.

Trust and faith is not given, but earned. And, Elroy James is no stranger to earning his way. Elroy will earn your vote just like he’s earned everything else in his life, which is with a commitment to excellence, persistence, and sustaining faith.

Elroy earned a Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law School and master’s in law from the prestigious Georgetown Law Center. He learned the inner workings of Orleans Parish Civil District Court while serving as a Judicial Law Clerk for Division “M” of the Court. Elroy began practicing law in the field of tax litigation as both a plaintiff and defense attorney.

As a distinguished litigator, public servant, and legal scholar, he’s won complex cases across the state on behalf of us – as an Assistant Attorney General – and as a private counsel and advisor for clients big and small. Elroy has argued cases before administrative law judges and trial and appellate courts. Most notably, securing a $3.6 million dollar judgment for the state of Louisiana in Bridges vs. Mosaic Global and protecting the state’s jobs, schools and other resources from non-resident individuals in Viviano vs. Bridges. Elroy has served as an Adjunct Professor at Southern University Law Center and Southern University School of Accountancy and Dillard University College of Business. As a mentor and dedicated servant of his community, he guides young lawyers towards productive careers and serves as current President of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Inc.

Yet, Elroy knows he’s come a long way from flipping burgers and bagging groceries as the industrious 15-year old son of a single mom in Gentilly. That curious kid from the neighborhood working his way up never forgot his own struggle to make it in this world, or the sacrifices his mother made – working two jobs and more – to keep Elroy and his two siblings on track. He knows hard work. He’s advised Fortune 500 companies and defended the public to save taxpayer dollars. He’s lived a life of purpose while always making time to give back. He serves his community, our city, and state with distinction. And, now he’s stepping up to serve again.

Elroy still embodies the principles instilled in him by his mother and grandmother. He has served our community with numerous boards and service/volunteer organizations, namely: Governor’s Resilient Louisiana Commission, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Young Leadership Council (Former Board Member), Mayor’s Mardi Gras Advisory Council (Co-Chairman), Greater New Orleans Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, and more.

Elroy is active in his church, the Fifth African Baptist Church (Pastor Dale J. Sanders, Sr), serving there as a Deacon. There he helps serve members of his community with various ministries and outreach programs.

Elroy James’ candidacy for Civil District Court Judge forward is fueled by an unwavering faith in delivering equal justice to all.

He’ll deliver equal justice by throwing open the doors of his courtroom to welcome all; Elroy will study and prepare to make sure all parties get a compassionate and thorough hearing; and he’ll go further to make us proud by continuing to give back to our community as a mentor and servant leader.

Elroy James will work to earn your vote and your trust. And, he’ll work every day to restore your faith in justice as our next Judge in Civil District Court, Division “I.”


PO Box 26028, New Orleans, LA 70186-6028


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